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Can I select a macro profile and have a meal plan created for me?

The macronutrient options for you with our program rest specifically in our hundreds of meal plans that have been created for you to use with any automated or detail driven program. Certain meal plan categories were created with set macronutrient standards (balanced, protein focused, carb focused), so these are all consistent. Higher protein and lower carbohydrate foods, primarily vegetable based, exist with our low glycemic and all gluten free plans. From any search, you can see the general info, but selecting the "preview" option will show you the full nutritional details. So there's no feature to set the macros and then have the plan automatically adjust, but users with our Professional edition all users have complete control to edit or change any of the meals or days to get the macros where they want them, so it’s a manual process but it’s quick with our editing features.


Editions Supported:

  • Fitness Lite
  • Fitness
  • Professional
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