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How do I use a meal plan with a client that I created in my Manage Meal Plan's section?

There are two requirements for finding and using a meal plan from your Manage Meal Plans section for a client's new program: that all of the days are 'marked as complete' in the particular plan you're looking for, and that the calorie range the system is calculating for the program matches the level of calories of the plan you want to use. Example: if you created a 2,000 calorie meal plan, and then create a new program for a client with a calorie recommendation of 2,500, you will not see the 2,000 calorie plan in the search results. All of the programs are automatically filtered for the energy balance (or calorie recommendations) for the specific client program, so if you do not see the plan you want in the list, go ahead and clear all of the calorie and category filters on the left side. Then at the top of the meal plan list, click "View My Database Only" to find any plan you have ready to go.


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