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How do I copy a recipe?

Our program doesn't currently have a copy feature for individual recipes, but there is a 'work around' with our system to create a copy of a recipe in your “manage recipes” section. Go ahead and access the recipe you want to copy, and select it to add it to the community, and save the changes. Then select from starting a new recipe, or using an existing one. You can search for the recipe you just added to the community, and then select it from the list. It will then be placed in your edit portion at the top for you to make any needed changes. Just a note: you will need to select a different name to add it to your list, as the system will not let you add a duplicate recipe title with the same ingredients. Just a tip to help. After you have made the changes and edits to the new recipe, you can save it and it will be added to your list.


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