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How do I add a meal plan I've created for a client to my personal database?

The first thing to remember is that in order to save a plan to your personal database, it needs to be a full 7-day meal plan. If you're using one from our database, these are all week-long plans, so these are fine. On day 7 of any plan, you have the option to check the box marked "add to your personal database." When doing this, you can rename the plan and add specific categories, which will file the plan accordingly in your 'manage meal plans' section. The Manage Meal Plans section is your personal database. Here you can build a meal plan from scratch, edit one from our database, or add one you're working on in your client's profile. The only requirement is that each day of the plan within your 'manage' section needs to be marked as 'complete.' So after you add a plan here, just make sure these are all set. Once this is done, the plan is available for you to use with any of your clients, using either the Automated or Detail Driven program type.


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