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What is the exchange option with automated or detail driven programs?

The features of our exchange planning focuses on the clients using the charts to see how many points for each of the macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) they need for each meal and the day, and then, using the specific food lists that accompany the plan, they can go through and choose the foods they want to eat. Because a set recommendation is used for the total day and meal nutrition, only one chart is provided for the nutrition points that your client can use as a guideline. The variety for them with regards to food choices will be within the food lists that are provided, which they can use to get the right portion sizes. For example, 1 point of protein is equivalent to approximately 7g of protein, or typically 1 oz of a protein-based food (meat, poultry, etc.). So, with the exchange, the food lists are static and are just provided as a guideline reference for your clients to make good and healthy choices to keep them in line with the nutrition they need for each meal.

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