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Hang Your Banners

  • Now that you've got your banners, hang them up!
  • Where to put them
    • Behind the front desk
    • Centered in your longest gym wall
    • Near the locker room/restroom
  • Rules for hanging them
    • Place them at eye level (the center of your banner should be about 6' off the ground)
    • Make sure they are level.
      • This program is a great value to both you and your client, make sure to communicate that by taken the time to place it perfectly.
    • Keep clutter to a minimum.
      • Give it space, the more space around every side you can provide the better, but at a minimum keep other banners, posters and flyers at least 4' away. You want to make sure your clients get the message.

Use Your Flyers

  • It might be best to not think about these as flyers, but rather "min-posters." Put them everywhere:
    • Above the drinking fountain
    • Near the sink in the restrooms
    • On the front door
    • Above the dumbbell rack.
      • If you've got a few left over, great, you can put them up front, but it's better to get your clients to see them throughout your gym then to ask them to remember to grab one on the way out.

Social Media

  • You've got social media sites, so use them. Attached we've given you four posts to use on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to make sure anywhere you're communicating with you customers, they're getting the message.

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