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Continuing Education Course Outline

To prepare for your launch, each staff member working in your challenge will complete the Evolution Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certificate course.

Upon completion of this course, your staff will:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the true nutrition needed to properly talk to your clients about why it's a must for any fitness program.
  • Learn how to use the Evolution Nutrition system to start delivering real Meal Plans on day one.
  • Learn how to grow your business by simply adding nutrition and weight loss management to your services.
  • Upon completion of the course, your staff will also eligible for CECs with ACE and NASM.

 As the Program Manager:

  • Please make sure each staff member completes the course within 1 week.
    • Their usernames and passwords will only be created once they complete, and pass, the course.

 Training Prep Outline:

  1. Log in at with the username and password provided.
  1. Go to your "Edit Profile" page and fill out all your contact information so your clients will be aware of the meals plans and communication coming from you.
  1. Use yourself as your first test “client.” Make sure to include an email address you can easily access so you know what the client will see once you roll out the program. (You'll need to log out of the system to pull the plans up in your email when acting as the client.) Use this helpful guide to see how:
  1. Create a new program for yourself using each of the meal plan types: Automated and Detail Driven. Make sure to poke around all the tabs and even change some of the data; notice how things like activity level or a change in weight will impact the macronutrient and calorie recommendations. 
  1. Once everyone has completed the items above, we will schedule a complete web training to walk you through the entire system and answer any questions.


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